Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tinga Tinga Tales DVD - Why Lions Roar

Why do zebras have stripes, leopards spots, rhinos horns and camels humps? Tinga Tinga Tales tells a modern, young audience what really happened.

You see there was a time when Lion had lost his roar. Crocodile was snapping at all the animals in Tinga Tinga and ruling over the Waterhole. Lion could do nothing about it as he had lost his roar. Then one day Flea told Lion that if Lion dares to enter the Great Cave of Tinga Tinga, maybe he will find his roar. Lion plucked up his courage and confronted the Great Cave. He roared with all his might. An even bigger roar came back, but Lion stood strong. He roared again and an even bigger roar came back. Lion's very own Echo! He found his roar! From that day on Lion has always roared with pride, showing any beast who's the real King of Tinga Tinga.He roars again and an even bigger roar comes back. Lion's very own Echo! He has found his roar! From that day on Lion always roars with pride, showing any beast who's the real King of Tinga Tinga.

Episodes Comprise:

1. Why Owl's head turns all the way round
2. Why Tickbird Sits on Hippo's Back
3. Why Frog Croaks
4. Why Vulture is Bald
5. Why Giraffe Has a Long Neck
These popular television programmes are now available on DVD for the first time and are at the moment on promotional offer in most retailers.
When watching the DVD I was immediately drawn to the bright colours and all the animals included in each episode. The colours are ones which I immediately think of when thinking about traditional African art and tales. I love the Frog story and remember reading this when I was younger and the Giraffe story is beautiful.
The stories are from traditional African tales and I think they have been beautifully adapted into these DVDs. The music and voices all carry on the African theme and make you believe you are too in an African village.
The DVDs also have added extras - interactive games, downloadable wallpapers and printable colouring pictures which can continue the learning after the programmes have finished.
The DVDs are perfect for young children and will capture their attention and imagination. I know from friends these are popular programmes and the DVDs will be great additions to your DVD library.
Thank you to Michael from The School Run Forum for sending me these DVDs to review.

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