Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Galt Art Jar

An exciting selection of art & craft materials in a big jar. With idea sheets for lots of fun craft activities.

Box Contains

  • 70 x pompoms

  • 40 x wiggly eyes

  • zigzag scissors

  • sequin pack

  • shredded paper

  • 2m x red fringed crepe paper

  • felt alphabet

  • 18 x plastic buttons

  • 7 x cotton reels

  • 50 x pony beads

  • 20 x small star beads

  • 10 x pipe cleaners

  • 10 x straws

  • 6 x sheets self-adhesive foam shapes

  • 7 x printed card templates

  • 10 x sheets coloured paper

  • 25 x gummed label strips

  • glitter & white glue

  • 2m x wiggly trim

  • 3m x elastic

  • Product Description

    An exciting selection of art & craft materials in a big jar. With idea sheets for lots of fun craft activities. Contents: 70 pompoms, 40 wiggly eyes, zigzag scissors, sequin pack, shredded paper, 2m red fringed crepe paper, felt alphabet, 18 plastic buttons, 7 cotton reels, 50 pony beads, 20 small star beads, 10 pipe cleaners, 10 straws, 6 sheets self-adhesive foam shapes, 7 printed card templates, 10 sheets coloured paper, 25 gummed label strips, glitter & white glue, 2m wiggly trim, 3m elastic 5 Years +

    My children and I had great fun with this product we were sent to review. The jar is jam packed with art materials and there is even pva glue and scissors included for the children to get started with. 
    The contents meant there were plenty of textures and products for children to use to express their creativity, allowing them to use the various properties of the materials to make both 2D and 3D art projects.
    The one negative comment I would make about the contents would be that the 10 sheets of coloured paper that were included were rolled up in the jar and they needed to be flattened out (I did it by placing them between two heavy books overnight) which needed to be done before the children used them, something I had not thought about before we started! However, there were plenty of other products to get started on. 
    During the time we spent playing with it, my daughter (aged 9) had great fun, making animals, posters, decorations and necklaces/bracelets.  My son (aged 7) enjoyed making bugs. We used the shredded paper to make nests for the creatures and for adding as seaweed to our fishy pictures. Paper chains were made from the gummed strips and jewels and sparkles decorated and embellished
    I would recommend this as a great idea for a kids birthday party creative activity, a wet day activity or a great basic resource for a craft box. There is plenty of stuff to get started and as things get used up, individual items could be replaced as and when required. There is loads of shredded paper within the jar - i would say that 2/3 jar was filled with the shredded paper which can be used as nests, hair, grass etc.

    Thank you to Galt for sending me the jar to review.

    I was hoping to add photos of our finishes to this blog but my camera is playing up - hopefully they will be added at a later date.

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