Thursday, 15 December 2011

HoMedics Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy Unit

iHeal treatment is an active therapeutic method used in addition to other therapies or as a stand-alone therapy and has a documented and proven efficiency in reducing the healing time of soft tissue injuries and improving blood circulation.iHeal can be used to treat:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Painful and Arthritic Joints
Sports Injuries
Swellings and bruises
Tennis and golf elbows
Reduced Walking Distance due to poor circulation
Leg Cramp
Aching Muscles
Back & Neck Pain caused by inflammation around joints and tendons
Cold Hands & Feet
Restless Leg SyndromeiHeal has also been found to provide pain relief and reduce healing time for thefollowing condition:
Diabetic NeuropathyThe advantages of iHeal treatment
Extremely effective; most people notice the benefit after only a few daystreatment
Safe and non-invasive
Drug free
Pain free
User friendly
Ideal for home use
Small size enabling treatment during everyday activities. 
HOW iHEAL WORKS iHeal sends painless pulsed magnetic energy waves deep into body’s tissue and bone using low power electromagnetic fields, which induces weak electrical signals inside the body similar to the body’s natural signals. The frequency and shape of these waves has been carefully selected to stimulate the cell activity to improve your body’s natural healing process. iHeal treatment is non-invasive, as it does not require the use of drugs, injections or operations. However you should not alter your medications without consulting your doctor. Use as often as you want for up to 10 hours at a time iHeal will support your body’s natural metabolism stimulating the repair of damaged tissues.

I have suffered from Sciatica and back pain for a number of years and in the past have used a tens machine for some relief, however I could only use it for short periods of time as the constant sensation was distracting and annoying. When I was offered the opportunity to road test this new machine I was eager to see if this was any better.

As soon as I opened the box I was impressed with how compact and small it was. It adheres to the skin using self-adhesive pads, of which 48 are included in the initial purchase. These pads can only be used once and are available to be bought directly from Homedics. If the unit is to be used on an arm, there is also a strap included to attach unit to arm instead of using a pad. I was keen to use the unit on my back and used the attached pads, I found it difficult to get the unit to stay attached to my back as it was being irritated by my trousers waistband and I did have to reapply it a few times during the time I had it attached (about 6 hours).

When I was using the unit I was able to forget it was there. Unlike the tens machine which has a constant sensation, the iheal emitted no sensation, the only way I knew it was working was when my husband commented that there was a flashing light under my top!

I used the unit for about a week and I did find that my back felt easier following the unit being used for a few days however it is not a permanent cure, it eased the discomfort. 

I think that the device will be useful if my back pain became worse, and it offers short term relief however it is not a permanent cure. 

I would recommend this for anyone who has localised discomfort but not for anyone who has numerous aches and pains.

I received this product from the Amazon Vine program. 

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