Friday, 16 March 2012

My Clippy - Bags of Style

Create layered card designs with the Japanese themed craft papers, push out shapes and stencils. Hold your card in place with the mini workstation, then create layered card designs. Use the embossing tool and templates to create different effects. Add personal touches with your own pictures, stickers or ribbons. When your design is finished simply pop you’re My Clippy card into the clear bag pockets and you’ve customised your own designer handbag or remove the detachable strap for a pretty pencil case. Change the cards whenever you like to totally change your look! 

I was first introduced to Clippy on one of the television shopping channels when they were a new company getting their name out and about there. They were selling ladies hand and beach bags where you could customise your own bag by putting things into the little pockets on both sides of the bag, making your bag unique and would reflect your style perfectly and when you got bored with it, you changed the contents. No need for a bag for each outfit! I was however, unconvinced about the idea, however I think that Clippy may have got the ideal product right here.

I have a daughter who is just beginning to learn about fashion and her own style. She has discovered boy bands and Justin Bieber and her favourite artist will change every week depending on who her friends like (which also changes regularly).

Included in the box are:
  • one bag with three pockets and a detachable strap - it is pencil case size.
  • one workstation - holds work in place while creating
  • an embossing tool with two interchangeable punches
  • 10 card blanks - the correct size to fit in pockets
  • 6 sheets of Japanese style papers - all very pink but lovely designs
  • 2 sheets of pop out images - waste can be used as templates
  • instruction sheet - very brief instructions
The kit is a great start for children who want to make their own creations. The little pieces of art are of similar size to Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) which were popular a few years ago and were little working of art which people would swap with others to get other peoples ideas to try for themselves. They could be used as pieces of art for friends or be added into purses,wallets etc with clear pocket inserts as well as being used to decorate the included wallet/pencil case.

The materials included are a good starter kit and children could add their own glitter,, sequins, gems, photographs, pictures etc to the designs. The kit is very girl orientated. There is a recommended age of 8 years and older which I think is perfect and I know my 9 year old enjoyed playing and testing this out with me. There is, however, no adhesive included - therefore a glue stick or tape will be needed before this can be started. The workstation is the perfect size to hold the card blank, it is not very sturdy and it would be better if it could be attached to a surface (suction pad?). 

I would recommend this as a great gift for a girl who wants to get in crafting - perfect for someone who would love to get into card making (I make my own cards and a lot of the materials and creations would look perfect on a card front) or someone who enjoys art and making their own creations.

In conclusion - I think that is a good idea for young girls who enjoy arts and crafts and a clever idea by Clippy. 

Thank you to Evolution PR for sending me this product to review.

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