Thursday, 30 December 2010

B.Sensible Bedding

2 - 1 fitted sheet and mattress protector

The first fitted sheets and pillowcases that act like a second skin.

■100% natural Tencel thermo-regulating fabric.
■Protects with the latest-generation breathable membrane that is virtually undetectable.

Dermofresh waterproofing system.

■Provides a natural barrier against bacteria & mites etc.

■Ideal for all mattresses & pillows including memory foam.

The range includes bedding for all mattresses from single beds through to doubles and king-size beds.
■24 Colours including White

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I have tried a number of waterproof sheets, mattress protectors and disposable bed pads while trying to get my son out of pull up pants and dry at nights, my daughter was no problem but I have had real problems with my son.

When I received a single bed sheet from Bedding Industrial to try, I was unsure what the results would be. However, from the moment I opened the parcel I was impressed. The sheet was very soft material and the waterproof film covers the back of the sheet, no separation between the two layers, and no noise or rattle from the waterproof layer as is the case on many waterproof sheets I have tried.

The sheet fitted the bed well, there was plenty of material to cover the corners - it would fit a thick mattress very well and grip the corners well. The sheet was very soft and comfortable to lie on and there was no rustling heard when lay on, as some waterproof sheets or mattress protectors I have used in the past do.

Following an accident in the night, the sheet had done as promised. I had only the sheet on the bed and the mattress was bone dry! There was however, no wetness lying on top of the sheet although wet to the touch.

It was washed in the washing machine along with the other bedding and came out of the washing machine in the same condition as it went in. The sheet and waterproof film were still as one layer, a problem i have incurred previously on other products.

The sheet can be tumble dried and came out of the tumble dryer with no bobbling, another problem I have experienced previously.

The price appears to be high compared to a single bed sheet (£29.00), however, I do think that this sheet is worth it, compared to the number of disposable bed pads and a waterproof bed pad I was using before. They can be bought in many sizes from moses basket up to king size sheets.

The advertising literature for the sheets also promotes its hypo-allergenic qualities and also the eco-friendly manufacturing processes which is very important in this modern world. Another plus for this product.

The material is also breathable which helps prevent overheating of the child at sleep times.

I would definitely recommend this product to parents of children who are in nappies at night or those who are trying to come out of nappies through the night.

Thank you to B.Sensible and PJ Partnership for sending me this to try.

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