Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lyclear Mousse

About the lotion – The leaflet says it is a double action formula and it “suffocates and dehydrates lice and eggs “
You spray it onto dry hair and leave for 15 minutes , wash off , then comb the hair through to get rid of the eggs and lice .
The leaflet also states that as there are no pesticides the lice can’t become resistant to the lotion !

With two children aged 8 and 6, and myself volunteering in the school early years department, aswell as a children's centre, headlice are often present in our household! We have tried many of the solutions on the market, aswell as the conditioner combed through the hair every night for a week and have found some work well, while others do not appear to work.

I was sent Lyclear Mousse to review, there was also an option for a spray, however these affect my husbands chest and so declined that option.
Upon opening the box, I was surprised to find how small the bottle was - I have very thick hair, as does my son and my daughter has finer hair, while my husband's is very short and so I could not see the bottle lasting to treat us all. The bottle only did mine, my daughters and my husbands hair for one application each.
The bottle has a new design
nozzle which, at the start, was very good, however when we got further into the application we found it to be harder to press as the bottle got greasy and slippery.
The solution was not highly fragranced - something which i like because i hate to think other parents know that you have treated headlice over teh weekend! However, the solution was very greasy and when we came to washing it out it took many washes and rinses to get the hair looking ok - it looked very greasy, no matter how many rinses we gave it.
There was also a nit comb included within the box which was also a new design - my son prefered this style of comb, however it was useless in my thick hair, goes nowhere near the roots of my hair.
The solution states that it 'suffocates and dehydrates eggs and lice' however when combing the hair through and washing out the shampoo we found lice that were still alive.

In summary, the good points to the solution were that it was lightly frangranced. However, the bad points were that the solution was very greasy, took many washes to rinse out, the bottle got slippery and difficult to apply the solution and did not get rid of all the eggs and lice.

Thank you to Virgo Health for the sample bottles.
I would give this product 2 stars.

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