Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Lakes (Series 2)

The second series of this beautiful natural history series, presented by Rory McGrath which looks at life in one of Britain's favourite holiday destinations during a busy summer and the characters who inhabit it.

I missed this series when it was on TV and was really glad to have had the opportunity to watch it on DVD. Giving an insight into life around The Lakes, a snapshot of everyday life.

Set in The Lakes, there is stunning scenery throughout the DVD, as the film crew follow the lives of people and businesses set within the Lakes. The films show the real community spirit around the towns and villages, full of the highs and lows of daily life, none more so than the tragedy when Derrick Bird killed those innocent people, and just three weeks later the annual fair took place. The floods which affected the area are also inlcuded. Happier times are also celebrated - the life of a pig farmer, who is trying to breed micropigs and a lady who leaves the city to open up her own cafe/coffee shop.

The series is narrated by Rory McGrath. There are no extras on the DVD, however with nearly 4 1/2 hours of stunning scenery to watch, there is no need for extras. It is a shame that each programme is only 30 minutes long, it would have been lovely to have seen more on each of the snippets included in the series.

There is excellent camerawork throughout the whole series and I am definitely adding The Lakes to my places to visit.

Thank you to Michael for sending me the dvd set to review.

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