Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tracy Beaker Returns DVD

The complete first series of Tracy Beaker Returns. Includes 2 discs with over 6 hours of content, featuring interviews with Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt and characters from the show, illustration top tips from Nick Sharratt and 4 exclusive postcards.Tracy’s back at the ‘Dumping Ground’ - her affectionate term for the children’s home - where she grew up, but this time she’s working there, as a trainee carer. Things can get complicated because Tracy often feels she understands the kids better than the adults. Tracy is determined and bold as ever, but tries her best to do what she thinks is right.


Tracy Beaker Superstar--With a published book and TV appearance Tracy’s grown-up life is going well – until she gets arrested.

New Life--Working at the Dumping Ground, Tracy finds she’s not as indispensable as she thought. Will she get the sack?

Bad Luck--Toby believes his life is jinxed and Tracy makes it worse by writing about him. Meanwhile Sapphire has plans for a night out alone.

By the Book--Tempers reach boiling point when Tracy comes between brother and sister. Family Values--Lily & her sisters get fostered, leaving Carmen alone. Her loneliness leads to conflict with the other kids

Anarchy--Tracy’s first night duty descends into a chaotic nightmare certain to end in disaster. Secrets--Tracy finds stolen goods in Sapphire’s room and Liam discovers Gus’s notebooks are full of peoples’ secrets.

Sisters--Lily returns to the Dumping Ground without her sisters. Tracy resolves to re-unite them which leads to disaster. Tee hides a sheep in her room.

Good Luck Boy--Toby and the lads have to fake being a family when they win a free holiday to Florida.

Viva Carmen--Carmen’s mother turns up wanting her daughter to live with her again. But is she all she seems to be?

Werewolf--Who or what is the werewolf Carmen sees lurking in the grounds? Day at the Beach--A day trip to the beach becomes a journey beset with disasters; is someone sabotaging the trip?

Moving On--Tracy will leave to become a full time reporter if the kids co-operate on an article she has to write. They won’t.

I received only disc 2 of this collection to review, however my children loved it from the moment I put it on.

The set is a complete series of the popular Tracy Beaker show which is shown on CBBC. There are extras on the DVDs. On disk 2 this was an interview with Jacqueline Wilson (author) and Nick Sharatt (the illustrator of the books) which was really interesting and gave some history to the creation of Tracy Beaker. There is also a great section with Nick Sharatt discussing how he designs characters.

There are many topics and situations covered within this series, which children may be affected by and I think they are dealt with in a sensitive and positive way.

My children were laughing and crying throughout the programs, and even though they have watched the series on CBBC over and over again, they still loved seeing it again.

This is a great DVD set for children aged 7+

Thank you to Michael from The School Run Forum for sending me this to review.

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