Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Creative ZiiSound D5X Pure Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System - Black

Finally you can get the flexibility to set up your speaker system the way you want to. With the ZiiSound D5x wireless Bluetooth® modular speaker system, you can connect up to three D5x speaker units* at any one time. With the addition of the matching dedicated ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer, you get powerful bass enhancement on demand.So, whether you place three D5x speakers in the living room or the lounge, or just two D5x speakers with the DSx subwoofer in a discreet corner, it's easy to set up your system any way and anywhere you desire**. A choice of entertainment options - from theatre-like "Multi-channel" to room-filling "Party" modes - add to its versatility. The result is you'll have a more enjoyable time being entertained in private or when hosting a party.Being a top-of-the-line system, the ZiiSound D5x also delivers the dynamic audio performance that serious audiophiles demand. Designed to meet the highest standards for pristine wireless audio, it does not sacrifice sound quality, with all that you lose being ugly wires. Indeed, you've never heard better audio streamed wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled music players or other entertainment devices. The first step towards audio greatness - start simple with a single ZiiSound D5x speaker which works perfectly right out of the box - an audiophile-grade speaker in its own right. It all adds up - add additional ZiiSound D5x units* for an enhanced listening experience, a ZiiSound DSx subwoofer for added bass, or everything in one fell swoop - all at your own pace. Ultimate flexibility - your speaker configuration doesn't need to remain fixed forever. Power a house party with a maxed-out 3.1 system; but for day-to-day music listening, just reconfigure it into smaller standalone systems which you can place anywhere and rearrange anytime! Let's get the party started! Fill your house with perfectly synchronised music in the aptly-named "Party" mode. Up to three ZiiSound D5x speakers can blast the same song in unison, in different rooms**! Throw in a ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer for enhanced bass and your party is underway. The "Multi-channel" mode expands the soundscape and provides for a realistic-sounding movie experience, complete with all the explosions and more. Pair with any compatible stereo Bluetooth device - wirelessly stream music from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device, such as your mobile phone or notebook, from a range of up to 10 metres from the speakers. High-performance wireless audio - the apt-X audio codec provides you with superior Bluetooth stereo audio when you stream from apt-X enabled devices such as ZiiO entertainment tablets. Striking accuracy and detail in your music - high-performance, precision-tuned full range drivers with efficient digital amplifiers in the ZiiSound D5x speaker deliver a complete audiophile experience like no other. Sleek one-piece chassis - with its neat contemporary design, encased in a matte black mesh cloth, the ZiiSound D5x provides the perfect balance of design and performance while enhancing your living room or desktop.Control at your fingertips - glide your fingers along the ZiiSound D5x's touch-sensitive volume controls and set your desired volume level.Versatile connectivity options - while it works seamlessly with wireless Bluetooth devices, the speaker system also allows for a wired connection via its AUX-in port for other portable devices, like MP3 players.* Please note that ZiiSound D5x can only be linked with up to two additional ZiiSound D5x units and one ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer. The ZiiSound D5x cannot be linked with ZiiSound D3x, and vice-versa. ** At a distance of up to 30 metres, measured in open space.

I am not a person who has to have all the top sound systems to play my music, full of bass where the floor vibrates. As long as I can listen to music, sometimes loudly, I am happy.  However, since having my I-pod, I have been looking for a docking station through which I can play and listen to it. 

This product has enabled me to do this, and I am sure I am not using it it to its full potential however I am enjoying listening to my music through it. 

The product itself is very compact, not like the speakers of old, which looked huge and stuck out like a sore thumb in a room. This is one unit which can be placed on top of a unit, and not look out of place. They are quite heavy comparable to size but easily manageable. It is black and would therefore suit most decor. 

When I took the unit out of the box I was easily able to set it up, connecting it to my I-pod using the wireless transmitter. The bag of backrest adapters looked confusing, however I followed the guide in the instruction manual and found the one for my model easily. After connecting it up - it was now that I found a problem: I had plugged it in, switched it on at the back, switched the I-pod on and selected a track, but no sound?? I consulted the instruction manual, a very thick book but only 23 pages in English out of a 400 page manual! The manual does not contain many words though, lots of pictures, great, but very little text and only so much can be shown via pictorial methods! Cue having to ask my hubby to help - 2 minutes later and it was fixed - the volume control is via touch, once he had shown me this there was music. 

After listening to a wide range of music: Rock, Country, Pop and Classical, I am  really pleased with the unit. Great sound, easy to use (once used to the touch volume controls) and looked good on shelf too.

It is possible to connect a further two of these units together, along with a sub woofer - perfect for music lovers.

In summary, a great looking and sounding system to play music from i-pods, and/or computers, easy to set up and sound quality excellent. Recommend to all!

I received this item as part of the Amazon Vine Programme.

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