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Braun Exactfit Plus Bp5900 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Braun Exactfit Plus Bp5900 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Practical for use every day
This monitor can be used throughout the day, it measures both systolic and diasystolic pressure (both readings provide important information about health), and comes with a compact storage case so that you can easily take it anywhere with you. The auto shut off function makes the free AA batteries last even longer.
The Braun BP59000 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor comes with one cuff size to fit all (23~43 cm arm circumference), so you can share it with your family. It is clinically validated to AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instruments), giving you reassurance that the readings are accurate if the device is used correctly.
This is the top of the range model with additional important features for added assurance- such as detecting irregular heartbeat and morning hypertension, which is a key indicator of increase risk of strokes. The advanced averaging function provides morning, evening and full day averages for improved blood pressure control. 2 years warranty.

* Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation


To monitor blood pressure levels


See instruction manual included with product- please read thoroughly before use.

Safety Warning

See instruction manual included with product- please read thoroughly before use. Do not use as a substitute for medical advice from your GP.

Legal Disclaimer

See instruction manual included with product- please read thoroughly before use.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Braun Blood Pressure Monitor

  • 4 x AA batteries

  • Grey storage case

  • Instruction manual

  • (Taken from AmazonUK website)
    As soon as I opened the box which contained the blood pressure monitor I was impressed. The Blood Pressure Monitor was in a storage bag, not loose in the box, and the storage bag is quite sturdy too.

    There is a weighty manual, of course, however, there is also a quick reference guide attached to the back of the machine. The quick reference guide shows how to take blood pressure in pictures and the main symbols detailed simply. The guide can be kept with the unit at all times as there is a little slot on the back to contain the guide ( a little thing but these little details all add up to great plus points!)
    The monitor uses 4 x AA batteries - which are also included in the box (another bonus, already included in the price, does not need to be added on). It is a compact monitor, with a large display, and has a modern design. The display includes the date and time, and measure the blood pressure and pulse. There are icons on the display which detects irregular heartbeat and/or morning hypertension.  The monitor has the capability of storing up to 99 readings and is able to calculate either a 7 day average. morning average or evening average. The blood pressure cuff is for the upper arm and has the capability of being used on upper arms with circumferences of between 9-17" (23-43 cms).
    The monitor is easy to use and the display is easy to read, with clear numbers and easy to identify symbols. There are only five buttons on the whole unit, two used to set up the machine initially, two to calculate averages etc and one large one which is used to switch the unit on and off a to take a reading. 
    Another bonus to this device is that there is a two year guarantee for the product.
    I would say that this is an easy to use monitor, suitable for anyone who needs to monitor their own blood pressure regularly. With a large display and easy to use, one big button, I would say it would be great for the older generation who wanted an easy and simple device.
    I received this product from the Amazon Vine Program.

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