Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sarah Broadhurst and Lovereading

It has been brought to my attention this morning that there has been an email sent to publishers etc from Lovereading which includes the following:

There is only ONE real Sarah Broadhurst!

As you will know Sarah Broadhurst is one of the most respected editorial book experts in the trade and, each month for Lovereading, she selects the best fiction for our audience.

She has been doing this since Lovereading started some 6 years ago, but if you've been wondering whether Sarah is moonlighting elsewhere online, rest assured she's not. If you come across another Sarah Broadhurst on the net then do bear in mind she's not NOT the genuine article. Rather someone who would appear to be riding on the coat tails of our own Lovereading and Bookseller magazine expert.

You can follow the 'real' Sarah Broadhurst on Twitter @S_Broadhurst and our Sarah lives in Somerset not Worcestershire.

Obviously, you may want to send copies to both but our Sarah has noticed that sometimes books which she's been promised are on their way don't ever get to her. So  do please check your systems to ensure publicity copies aren't going to waste. We'd hate you to be inadvertently mislead.

I would like to say that I have never claimed to be Sarah Broadhurst from Lovereading/Bookseller and I always state this to publishers/PR etc when I approach them. It is unfortunate that my married name is the same as a well known reviewer in the industry however I would like to say that I have never used this to my advantage. I have also not, to my knowledge, ever received books that have been meant for the other Sarah Broadhurst.

I hope that this will not affect my ability to be a book reviewer for book publishers, surely the more reviews out there, the better for publicity and promotion.


  1. Gosh, that sounds rather harsh that they think you've deliberately been misleading people! What a shame :(

    Nice to meet you, anyway!

  2. Wow how rude are they? I'd send them an email telling them that they have been really rude and basically defaming you. Don't let them bully you like this, pathetic people.