Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Breville 2400 W Digital Steam Iron

With a very powerful 2400w, ironing is made less of a chore with the Breville VIN292 steam iron. 

It produces more steam and has a reduced heat-up time compared to lesser watt models helping you plough through your pile of laundry very quickly and efficiently. The job is made even easier thanks to the VIN292's ceramic finish soleplate which provides an incredibly smooth glide through the creased and crumpled clothes, so there's no need to work up a sweat when tackling the chore.

This ceramic content affects how well the heat distributes throughout the soleplate, keeping it at the temperature selected and even throughout with no unwanted hot spots that could damage your clothes. It creates an easy and effortless glide during ironing with no snagging and it ensures long-life, protecting the soleplate against scratching and surface damage. The soleplate is also much larger than the industry standard helping you cover a greater surface area per stroke to save time and effort.

A fundamental principle of ironing is the more steam, the better and so the higher the steam ratings of the iron, the better it will be to use. An iron's steam ratings determine how easy it will be to use, how effective and efficient it is and therefore how much time you can save to do other, more exciting things with your time. The VIN292 has an impressive 40 grams (g) of constant steam, also known as steam per minute, which is the amount of steam generated by the iron when in normal use. 

In addition to this, there is also a shot of steam, specifically a powerful 100g for the VIN292. This works as an extra boost to help remove those stubborn creases that refuse to budge or give that added crispness when creating creases on trousers. 

Completing the trio of essential steam features is the vertical steam function. This allows the iron to be used vertically to steam hanging clothes such as dresses or suits or household fabrics such as curtains, so however difficult, delicate or unwieldy the item, it can be thoroughly and properly ironed with ease.

The Breville VIN292 boasts other handy design features to help you breeze through the work. These include anti-scale, anti-drip, auto shut-off and self-clean functions. The iron features a 250ml water tank which illuminates when in use. When it's empty, the tank emits a beep or alarm thanks to the dry tank alert so you never need run dry. The advanced digital display and controls improve the accuracy and ease of selecting and viewing your chosen temperature and it's fitted with an extensive 3 metre (m) cord making it very easy to move and handle when in use. Like the tank, the handle illuminates for striking effect Like the tank, the handle illuminates for striking effect and has a soft-touch, satin chrome finish that is ergonomic, comfortable and attractive.

There are many positives to this iron - a tool used for a job which has to be done, but is no one's favourite job! This iron is very light and easy to use, with a long power cable which I found to be plenty long enough - with previous irons I have had to use extension leads, however this one did not need one.  The water tank inlet cover opens the opposite way to my previous irons, and I found this helped prevent me from pouring water all over the floor when refilling the iron.

There are, however, a number of negatives that I have found: the water tank does not seem to be very large and I always seem to be filling it up, the slider for amount of steam to be used kept being knocked by my hand while holding the iron and sometimes I found that the lightness of the iron seemed to mean that on harder to iron fabrics I had to use extra pressure while holding the iron.

The 'digital' element of the iron was an LCD lighted scale for temperature, where previous irons have a temperature dial. I found this useful when the iron had cooled down however I often knocked the buttons to reduce the temperature when I didn't want to it. I found no benefits to this feature on the iron. 

In summary - this is a nice, light iron, however I think I prefer my older, heavier iron to power through the mountains of ironing I do each week.

I received this iron through the Amazon Vine Programme.

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