Thursday, 1 August 2013

BT Home SmartPhone

The UK's number one phone brand* brings you a revolutionary new touch screen phone that enables you to surf the web, check emails, update Facebook, and download apps, all on your home phone. No need to fire up your laptop to go online, BT's Home SmartPhone is always on and one tap away from the information you're after. Fed up with the kids taking your mobile to go online or play games? Get the Home SmartPhone for the family to keep everyone happy, and keep your mobile as your own personal device. This BT SmartPhone brings the home phone into the 21st century, making it the phone for the connected home.

Touch Screen

The 3.5" capacitive touch screen allows you to quickly and easily search the web, including the ability to zoom in and out using the pinch of your fingers.

Downloadable Apps

You'll find that the BT Home SmartPhone comes pre-loaded with Facebook and Twitter apps, allowing you to easily keep in touch with friends and family on your social networks as well as over the phone. Keep yourself entertained with Tune-In Radio and YouTube, or choose from games, tools and loads more apps to download through the Opera mobile apps store.

Browsing Online

Want to search online and don't want to wait for your computer to boot up? Use the Home SmartPhone to quickly find what you want, wherever you are in the house. With the flexibility offered by the BT Home SmartPhone, you'll be able to look up recipes online in the kitchen, or check your email in the garden. You can even call direct from selected telephone numbers online just by clicking on the number and selecting "Call".

Save up to 300 numbers, giving you all your contacts at your fingertipsAll the Standard Phone Features You'd Expect

  • See at a glance who's calling with caller display
  • Never miss a message with 24 min recording time on the answer machine
  • Record your own greeting or choose one of ours
  • Don't miss important messages when your away from home, access your messages remotely
  • Listen to your messages privately through the handset, or play them using the hands-free speaker

Plus Additional Smartphone Features

  • Store all your favourite music on the phone and play it around the house with the video and music player and 2GB expandable memory
  • Comes with a front facing camera**, so if you want to go online and make video calls your friends can see you while you chat

Freedom to Move Around

The BT Home SmartPhone features a long range of up to 300m, allowing you the freedom to walk around in and outside your home without interrupting your call. You can also talk while doing other tasks thanks to the hands-free function - bringing the caller's voice into the room and letting you get on with things while you chat. You'll find this phone to be perfect for those long conversations, with a talk time of 8 hours and a standby time of up to 80 hours.

Crystal clear sound means you won't miss a word. Our phones are stringently tested in the UK to ensure they all meet our high standards.Quality Built-in

Even Better for the Environment

Eco credentials come as standard with this BT Phone and it's good to know the packaging it comes in is recyclable. You also find that the BT Home SmartPhone uses an energy-efficient power supply so is kind to the environment as well as your wallet.

What's in the (Recyclable) Box?

  • One base station
  • One Charger unit
  • One mains power supply
  • One handset
  • One telephone line cord
  • One USB mains power supply
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User guide
* UK's Best Selling Landline Phone Based on Sales Source: GfK RT UK Landline Phone Market in Volume & Value, March 2012 - March 2013
** The BT Home SmartPhone comes with a 1 megapixel camera out of the box which will be upgraded to 2 megapixel with over the air (OTA) free software update.

Box Contains

Rechargeable Battery
Base Station
Power Supply Unit
Line Cord
User Guide

I have been using this telephone for nearly one month. When I originally received the box, I was able to set the telephone up very quickly. Very easy to install as soon as it is taken out of the box. I was able to set it up on my home WIFI and was able to surf the Internet. It is possible to set up both facebook and twitter on the handset, however I was disappointed to find no parental controls to protect these from use by my children.

I have used the phone for both telephone calls and Internet use. For phone calls, the phone allows clear and crisp calls, easy to use. I liked the ability to import telephone books from other devices and was able to manually input contacts into the phone - great as my husband and children will not look a number up in my handwritten address book and expect me to recite numbers from memory at the drop of the hat.

I do, however, have a number of negative points regarding this phone.

  • The handset feels cheap and light. It does not feel like it will last - my mobile phone feels well made and I am 'confident' that if it is dropped, the handset will still work, however this handset does not feel like it will last many drops. 
  • there is no option to lock the handset to stop little hands from exploring. I found on a number of occasions that someone had been messing with the phone and things had been activated to make all calls Internet calls rather than normal telephone calls which meant I had to spend half an hour going through menus to deactivate it.
  • On one occasion the power supply for the 'hub' had come out, however when looking at the phone it looked like it was all OK and ready to go. It wasn't until I went to make a phone call I realised there was a problem - it would be helpful for an icon to be visible on the telephone to say there is no reception from the hub.
  • I have the ring tone on maximum volume and still find it very quiet - not possible to hear the ring when in a different room which is a problem as there is only one handset. Only solution is to carry phone around every time you leave the room
I think that it is a nice phone but not suitable for families with children who like to fiddle with apps etc. It is also not suitable for families with very young children who are likely to drop the phone as I don't feel that it is a very sturdy phone. It is great for people who want a home phone that is like an android smart phone but not for anyone who is a technophobe.

I received this product through the Amazon Vine Program.

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