Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cole and Mason 16-Jar Filled Hudson Herb and Spice Rack Carousel

Preparing, sharing and enjoying good food is at the heart of every home. Cole & Mason’s high performance, good looking seasoning products help everyone to cook more confidently and create delicious, flavour-packed dishes.

Market leader in salt and pepper mills and expert in seasonings, our knowledge and experience reaches right back to 1919, when our company began. Now we have applied that expertise to herbs and spices.

People today have an appetite for more adventurous dishes using a rich variety of seasonings. At Cole & Mason, we share this enthusiasm and understand how new and exotic ingredients can transform cooking and eating. We also know that the right equipment matters and can take your cooking to a whole new level. From the way it feels in the hand to how it looks in the kitchen or on the table, Cole & Mason seasonings cookware delivers superior performance.

The choice of herbs and spices available today brings bold new flavours and colours into the kitchen. To help food lovers get the most from these ingredients, we have a brand new range of jars, racks and carousels for storing and dispensing herbs and spices, along with stylish pestles & mortars. We believe the Cole & Mason herbs and spices range will quickly become as popular with committed cooks as our salt and pepper mills. And they make great gifts.

The new range of Cole & Mason spice racks really have been designed well, with smoothly rotating bases, and well crafted jars. The lids provide three different options, shake, pour, and seal close. Both spice rack, and carousel have been built sturdy enough for lifting in and out of the cupboard, whilst looking good to leave on the worktop to show off.

The spices included are the best recommendation for each different configuration of spice rack or carousel. This product also comes beautifully packaged so it makes for a great gift.

Box Contains
1 x Spice Carousel
16 x Filled Spice Jars
Product Description
Key features. . Stylish and elegant glass jars. Sleek chrome caps shake, our and seal. Carousel spins for convenience. Re-fillable jars sealed for freshness. Central convenient carrying handle. . . Contents:. . Cumin seed 0.98oz (28g). Ground paprika 0.70oz (20g). Ground bay leaves 0.35oz (10g). Ground parsley 0.19oz (5g). Caraway seed 0.86oz (24g). Fennel seed 0.63oz (18g). Ground dill 0.32oz (9g). Ground mint 0.19oz (5g). Ground cinammon 0.79oz (23g). Coriander seed 0.63oz (18g). Ground basil 0.29oz (8g). Ground oregano 0.14oz (4g). Ground chilli flakes 0.76oz (22g). Ground rosemary 0.57oz (16g). Ground thyme 0.25oz (7g). Ground marjoram 0.110z (3g). .

This is a stylish, sleek and compact spice rack which would not look out of place in any modern kitchen. In black, chrome and clear glass, this spice rack is one which should be on display rather than hidden away.

The jars are a good size and come pre-filled. My only negative re the jars is that the spice names are printed on the lid and it  is not possible to read the names of the jars on the bottom shelf unless you pull each jar out when the top shelf is also full. However as the jars are clear this is not a huge problem - just a little negative. 

The jars all fit in securely and do not fall out easily. The carousel also rotates to enable easy access to each jar, The unit is also lightweight, even when all jars are full. 

The carousel takes up very little room on a worktop counter - about the diameter of a biscuit tin (or one of those chocolate tins everyone has at Christmas time) but contains 16 good size, refillable herb/spice jars.  The herbs and spices which are contained within the unit when initially bought are good quality, aromatic herbs and spices which will flavour cooking perfectly.

The jars each have the easy to use dispenser in the lid, with the option of the lid being closed, sprinkle or open pour dispenser, making it easy to control the amount of herb/spice dispensed at any time. The jars are also comfortable to hold, they are not bulky but are suitable for people with grip problems as they are not slight or flimsy. They appear to be made of a thick glass which, hopefully, means they will be long lasting and will survive the occasional fall on surfaces or floor.

In summary, I really like this carousel. It is smart, sleek and modern, taking up little room on a worktop - however if this is too big to fit a kitchen or is to be given to a reluctant cook who uses few or a confident cook who uses lots of different herbs and spices, there are other units in the range to suit these cooks too. It would make a great housewarming present or maybe for a student leaving home for the first time.

I received this through the Amazon Vine Programme.

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