Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bic Evolution ultra-resistant colouring pencils made from recycled materials. These quality colouring pencils are available in 12 vibrant colours and provide great coverage. The highly pigmented quality leads are protected by a unique sheath that makes them resistant to shocks. As they're made from resin, not wood these pencils are chew resistant and won't splinter if broken. 

This special circus pot contains 60 pencils (12 different colours) with matching barrel & tip and a funky contrasting nose cone. 

For more than 60 years Bic has created and produced simple, inventive and reliable products, which are the preferred choice of millions of consumers worldwide! Bic Kids products are made in the expert tradition of Conté, a colour and drawing supply brand renowned since 1794, part of the Bic Group since 1979. BIC manufactures all of the BIC® Kids products.

There are many plus points to these pencil crayons:  good selection of colours, good storage included, bright colours and five of each colour per pot meaning no arguing over wanting the same colour at the same time, easy to sharpen and comfortable to hold and give good courage and deep colour quickly. However I also found that the leads snapped easily and although the storage is good, they are not easy to transport in the pot as there is no lid. I also believe that the RRP of £25 is rather expensive for the pencils, even with the Bic name and manufacture behind them. However at 45p per pencil it is not overly expensive. This pack would be a great idea for schools, nurseries or art groups wanting multiples of the same colour. The colour selection is good, vibrant colours, however there is no black, white or dark brown included which I think is missing from this selection. I like the idea that when the pencils are sharpened there is another bright colour around the lead which all adds to the circus theme (i.e. when the yellow is sharpened, a bright green is revealed).

In summary I think that these pencils are a good purchase for art fans, however they are quite expensive and, dare I say it, too good for children to have as everyday colouring pencils. Keep them for the adults or use on special colouring projects.

I received this product via the Amazon Vine Programme. 

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