Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Leifheit Tower 450 dryer is designed to be flexible for different drying needs and can be used inside as well as outside the home. Extra tall, it accommodates up to five washing machine loads and provides a spacious 45 metres of drying space, ideal for drying long laundry. It is equipped with practical extras, providing two coat hanger holders on either side of the dryer's frame as well as 6 hanger loops at the top.

The dryer stands steady with a strong robust steel-frame to support heavy washing. To maximise the use of the whole dryer, the frame is opened with the four tiers hinged horizontally. For space saving, the dryer can fold in half and stand flat against the wall or radiator. With 360 swivel wheels, the dryer is portable for around the home, providing the added ease of moving it on a flat surface, even when fully loaded.

To suit drying different laundry lengths, each tier is adjustable, either set horizontally or left vertically. Drying rails are strong, durable and plastic coated to protect against rust forming.

The dryer stores flat for convenience. Each shelf swings vertical and dryer folds inwards.

Open: H 176 x W 69 x D 73 cm. Closed: H 171 x W 69 x D 6.5 cm.

Weight: 5.4kg.

About Leifheit

Leifheit's wide range of Airers and Dryers are designed for practicality, ease and functionality and are sufficiently robust for frequent use.

Leifheit offers something for every home. For over 50 years Leifheit has been one of the leading suppliers of household goods in Europe and - true to their motto - have "always better ideas". Their innovative products with trendsetting designs are of highest quality and are one of the characteristics of the Leifheit brand to make life at home easier and more convenient. Leifheit's laundry care products are well made to ensure laundry is fresh, clean and well kept whilst aiming for maximum functionality and attractive design.

I have considered having one of these airers for some time. The radiators in my house are never on enough to dry/air clothes successfully and so I have a standard clothes airer which is great, however I need more space and so this seemed the ideal answer. However, I was not impressed and I don't think it is right for me. 

I first tried it with towels - however if you hung a large towel on the top, you couldn't use any other shelves because it hung down. You also couldn't hang a towel on the outer bar because the racks rest on a bracket at the end, which also cut out drying space. Wet towels are heavy and I did not feel confident that with regular use that the bars would last for a long time. 

I then tried it with a regular load and there is lots of drying room for underwear etc however I had similar problems with not being able to hang long or bigger items but small underwear is perfect.

I did like option of unclicking the lower shelves to let long items hang down and the unit remained sturdy with less shelves in. This also meant that when ironing I could have the unit beside me and hang the shirts on hangers. 

The unit also stores really compactly with all the shelves hanging flat so it can be stored behind a door or in a cupboard with ease.

In summary I think i am going to stick with my usual airer and use curtain poles to hang bigger items when I need to get them dry.

I received this item in return for an honest review through the Amazon Vine Programme.

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